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My name is Patrick Téa and I started Voices of the Broken in January of 2011. Just days after I had a life changing moment when I came across a video called “Road to Traffik” produced by The Somaly Mam Foundation. This mini-documentary is about the horrific reality of sex trafficking in Cambodia and highlights a true hero of hope to all the victims: Somaly Mam. Herself an ex-sex-slave, Somaly has dedicated her life to saving young girls from brothels and giving them a much brighter future.

Maybe it was the fact that my dad was born in Cambodia or that I have many fond childhood memories playing with my cousins and nieces who immigrated to Canada from Cambodia, but “Road to Traffik” definitely struck a nerve in me that hasn’t been touched ever before. Not like this. Even the way a lot of the girls talked and how they looked like in the film reminded me so much of my own family. To think that, if my cousins and nieces had not immigrated here, they may very well have been one of those victims in the video… The thought of it made me sick to the core.

Even if this website is able to enlighten a few people who then go on to donate to an organization fighting against sex slavery or write a letter to their local politician or organize a social event in their community raising awareness, then it’s all worth it.

Watching “Road to Traffik” gave me a chance to discover one of my life’s main purposes: raising awareness about global sex trafficking and inspiring people to move to action. Voices of the Broken is simply my way of how I chose to do this. I can only hope that you discover something on our website that sparks you to join us in ridding this world of this disease.

Raise your voice!


PS: In case you were curious about the video I’m talking about, here it is:


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  1. Hi Patrick! What a fantastic blog you have on such an important topic. I too have a passion for fighting human trafficking and sex slavery and I have created a new low-budget documentary on my experiences and as an awareness film. The film is very close to being done and will be touring through a few cinemas and church halls in Australia next month. In the film, I have put together an inspiring sequence showing what people are doing to combat the problem world-wide, a sort of photo montage of people protesting and so on. As you can imagine, getting material can be difficult (availability and copyright, etc.). But I came across your website and you’ve got some photos of people holding up protest signs and various other things that I’d love to be able to use in the montage. I was just wondering if a) you’d allow me to use some of the photos and b) you are the copyright holder of the images to decide how they can be used? I can’t offer any $$ as this is an extreme low-budget film, but I can offer a mention and your URL in the film’s credits for their use. Please let me know as soon as possible as we are needing to finalise the film in the next couple of days. If you’d like to see more about the film, you can visit: http://www.street-dreams.com.au where there is trailers and info.
    Thanks so much for this. Your help is greatly appreciated!
    Cheers, Mike

    • Hi Mike,

      So sorry it took so long for me to respond. I trust it’s too late to OK you to use the pics? Sorry brother. Some personal family issues came up in 2012 that required me to put Voices of the Broken on hold for a while. That’s all cleared up and I’m starting this new year back on track with the cause!

      Please let me know how else I can help you fight sex slavery this year. If you still need some photos, let me know and I can send some to you that would be OK to use.

      Thanks and thanks for joining the fight.


  2. Thanks for getting back to me Pat. It’s not a problem at all with the photos in the end as we didn’t use that sequence in the film after all. I appreciate your offer to help though. The biggest way you can help us now would be to make a mention of our trafficking film thru your channels as we are doing indie distribution and could always use some more exposure to get the word out. The url I gave you before takes people to our blog and the film is available on DVD in some regions now.

    Thanks and I hope that Voices can resume its good work as well!
    Many thanks,

    • Sounds good Mike. Will promote it on our blog, facebook and twitter account. Saw the trailer. Great job and good luck with it. Let me know when we can purchase it in Canada.
      Pat from VOTB

  3. Many thanks mate, that’s tremendous. Looking forward to getting it to Canada this year esp. since it’s my homeland 🙂

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