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Sydney @ VOTB Concert this Saturday!

Sydney will be the first performer at our concert this Saturday May 25th, so if you want to see her, please make sure you show up at 5:45PM since she’ll be coming on shortly after that. The Central. 603 Markham Street. Toronto. Corner Bloor and Bathurst.

Check out her newest video to give you a taste.


Fundraiser Concert Against Sex Trafficking

We are so excited to present our first of many fundraising concerts at Corktown Tavern in Hamilton, ON.

You can buy your concert tickets in two ways:

1- Click the BUY CONCERT TICKETS button on the top right of this screen. You can enter theĀ suggested donation/ price of $15 per ticket. For example, if you want 3 tickets, you’ll need to enter $45 . Your ticket(s) will be mailed to you within 5 business days. You will be able to pay using your Paypal account or by credit card.

2- Sending a personal cheque made out to Ratanak International to the address below along with your address information so we can mail you a concert ticket.

Voices of the Broken. 274 Duskywing Way. Oakville, ON. Canada. L6L 6X5

All ticket sale proceeds will be donated to Ratanak.

Silence is Shameful

Much respect goes out to songwriter Luke Dowler. A talented artist making a difference in the best way he knows how. Please take a listen to this touching song that attacks the subject matter head on.


little girl close your eyes
wear that dress look good tonight
little girl hold your breath
just sit back just relax
you are learning to count
to pay your debts
but no little girl should have to live like this

one million songs
one million wrongs
our silence is shameful
one million sounds
one million down
our silence is shameful

little girl your barely speak
you close your eyes but you never sleep
little girl you have done your best
with what you have your innocence
you are learning to count to pay your debts
but no human being should have to live like this

this is the way that the world turns
turns its back and we all learn the monster we have let inside
is feeding off innocent lives
sweep it under and tuck it in
we deal in flesh and trade in sin
when innocence in commodity
we pick our fruit while its still green.

The Ultimate Protest Band

For those of you who don’t know them, we’d like to introduce you to one of the greatest activist bands in recent years: Rage Against The Machine. For those of you who do know them: Rock on brothers and sisters!

Here’s a little doc on them and the type off issues they’ve been fighting for.