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4 Amazing New Additions to Our Photo Petition

Please join us and make a photo statement against sex trafficking. Email your photo to us at



More Photo Petition Pics

Thank you to Vanja and Trish Ann for donating their time to spread awareness.

Any other volunteers?


New Petition Photos!

Here are the newest photos we just received. Thanks to Donna and her friend for doing their part to raise awareness and raise their voices against sex trafficking!

For those of you who are inspired by their initiative, please email your petition photos to or upload them on our Facebook Page.

Keep Those Photos Coming!

Continue to submit your photos at to join our photo petition against sex trafficking. Help us spread the word and join our voices!

These photos come all the way from Asia. Just awesome!

Photo Petition Entry from Montreal!


Originally uploaded by Voices of the Broken

Merci pour vos photos! Envoyez les ici:

Another Photo Petition Submission



Originally uploaded by Voices of the Broken

Please keep those pictures coming!

We truly believe this generates awareness and leads to conversations worth having with one another. We’ve almost hit the 50 mark after a month. Still a long way to go to reach our goal of 10,000 photo submissions.

Submit your photos to and help us spread the word!


Our cutest abolitionist yet

If little Klaus can join our Photo Petition against sex trafficking, you definitely can! Please send your photo to