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Mother’s Selling Their Daughters to the Sex Trade

Interesting and yet sad article below from CNN. Svay Pak village is known around the world as a place where pedophiles come to prey on little children as young as 4 years old. Extreme poverty causing parents to be in desperate situations is causing the SUPPLY. Mainly Europeans and North American cowardly men who have completely lost the sense of righteousness and succumbed to their internal demons are the DEMAND.

CNN Highlighting Cambodia’s Sex Trade of Children

Raising awareness and moving people to action is the only way we have a shot at eliminating sex trafficking. CNN is doing their part. How about you?


The Code

About 2 million children worldwide are under 18 and enslaved in the sex trade. Child sex tourism is big business. There are now more and more companies signing a code of conduct for the protection of children from sexual exploitation in travel and tourism. This code has 6 criteria’s below.


Suppliers of tourism services adopting the code commit themselves to implement the following six criteria:
To establish an ethical policy regarding commercial sexual exploitation of children.
To train the personnel in the country of origin and travel destinations.

To introduce a clause in contracts with suppliers, stating a common repudiation of commercial sexual exploitation of children.

To provide information to travellers by means of catalogues, brochures, in-flight films, ticket-slips, home pages, etc.
To provide information to local “key persons” at the destinations.
To report annually.

Visit to learn more. Hotel chains like Carlson (owner of Radisson) and Accor (owner of Sofitel, Novitel, Motel 6 etc), European airlines like Air France, and travel agencies all over the world have signed on to the 6 point plan to fight child prostitution.

I know it’s hard sometimes, but especially if you are going to a country or city  particularly notorious for child prostitution (e.g. Thailand, Cambodia, Moldova), please support companies who are a member of this code. You’ll find a list of companies at

This is such a step forward in recognizing this issue and it’s good to see certain companies band together to fight this instead of doing what the majority of companies do: ignore it.

Sports Olympics or Sex Olympics?

It is unfortunately very likely that the 2012 London Olympics could become a magnet for human traffickers bringing in prostitutes and illegal sex trade workers according to the British Government.

I think in this day and age, it’s a sad reality of any major sports event. Anytime a huge sports event consists of the gathering of males from out of town filling up the hotels in the city, you can count on a lot of them looking for good sports in and out of the bedroom. The sex traffickers/ slave owners are ultimately business men. They go where the demand is. If there is no demand for cheap sex, there is no sex trafficking.

Demand for sex drives men to prostitutes. Demand for low-cost sex drives men to slaves.

Please read article below regarding the 2012 Olympics and how that affects sex trafficking in that area. Like I said, I really think this is a trend with all major sporting events around the world. In the same logic, I don’t see why there couldn’t be a larger anti-trafficking task force put in place in the host cities before and during these events. In my opinion, governments should bring in special anti-trafficking investigators and law enforcement teams to sniff out all major strip joints, escort services, massage parlors known brothels and ANY hint of especially under aged girls being forced into prostitution. Or even better: conduct surprised raids of these shady establishments all throughout the duration of the event. Now, if we can only make sure that those same law enforcement officers don’t fall for the bribes of the organized criminals… Wouldn’t that be lovely?

BBC UK Video

Oklahoma? Yes, believe it.

A lot of people are misled to thinking that sex trafficking only happens in poor countries across the other end of the world. Well, it’s a growing problem in North America. Relying on research from the Central Intelligence Agency, the State Department estimates there are 14,500 to 17,500 human trafficking victims brought into the United States each year — but does not quantify how many of those are sex victims.

Please see click on this link for proof.

Video #1

Below is a written article about the women highlighted in the video, Theresa Flores: