Annually, there are over 2 million women and children slaves who are beaten, raped and forced by their owners to have sex as much as 30 times a day with paedophiles and grown men from all walks of life.

Help us in our mission to raise awareness, raise our voices and inspire people to abolish this darkest kind of human cruelty.


5 minutes: Please forward this website to all your friends and family to spread the word that sex trafficking is real and it’s happening everywhere. Educating others is the simplest way you can help fight this.

15 minutes: Please take a quick picture of yourself holding a sign against sex trafficking or sex slavery and email it to us at so we can enter it in our Photo Petition. Your contact details or email address will NOT be public. Nor will we give it to anyone.

30 minutes: Find out who your local politicians are and write them a letter or email asking what they doing to combat human trafficking and modern day slavery in the country. Click below to download a letter template that you can use as a start.

Letter to Politician


Please donate to our cause or to any of the organizations listed in the ALLIES tab. 100% of your donations to Voices of the Broken will be put towards our 3 goals below that will raise the maximum awareness about this human rights tragedy.

1- Organize social events (music concerts, art gallery shows, walks, etc.).

2- Conduct print and digital marketing campaigns in all forms of media (magazines, websites, billboards and newspapers).

3- Educate people about the causes and consequences of sex trafficking and how to help.

Thanks for reading and we hope that you’ll be moved to raise your own voice and take action!