There are many ways to raise your voice and do something!

Start TALKING about sex trafficking and sex slavery with your friends and forward them this website. Too many people are unaware of this crime. As more people learn about this terrible crime, they will begin to understand the gravity of the situation and their heart will be moved to act.

VOLUNTEER at any of your local charity that’s fighting against this issue. There aren’t any? Then  start your own social event to raise awareness! Contact us by filling out the form below so we can provide you with the appropriate tools to help you effectively spread the word.

Want to volunteer with us? That would be awesome! We’re looking for anyone that would want to contribute their professional skills, talents or time to help us out with anything from coming up with marketing print material or videos to helping out at our social events to contributing to this blog. Please fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch shortly!

WRITE a letter or email to your national lawmakers demanding aggressive action to end modern day sex slavery. If all our local politicians receive thousands of letters regarding this issue, there’s no doubt that we will get closer to the end of slavery.

DONATE to Voices of the Broken or to any anti-trafficking NGO. Even if sex trafficking ended today, there would be millions of women and children in need of shelter, health care, counselling and vocational training.