This beautiful song was written by a friend of Kevin Boese. Performed by Kevin Boese and Amy Klassen on the Ignite Justice Tour with Tara Teng, raising awareness about human trafficking.


  • Artist: LZ7 & Matt Redman

It’s so amazing to see artists dedicate their time and efforts to the cause.

  • Artist: LUKE DOWLER

Quote from Luke: “This is a song I wrote about human trafficking. 70 percent of the iTunes proceeds go to International Justice Mission. I hope it provokes some change.”

Silence is Shameful


Excuse Me Please started with a passion for music and a desire to make a difference. From their earnings, they plan on donating to organizations that combat human trafficking domestically and internationally. As a group, they are interested in creating good/fun music that can be enjoyed by all backgrounds, and preferences.

Trapped and Traded

  • Artist: THE CLICK FIVE

Collaboration between the band and MTV EXIT campaign to end exploitation and sex trafficking.

Don’t Let Me Go

  • Artist: NOMIS

Spoken Word version of the full song “On Behalf of the Silenced” from the “Rosario Dawson” EP. Download the album for FREE at

On Behalf of the Silenced

  • Artist: Ten Shekel Shirt

A song about human trafficking. The singer is the the co-founder of


  • Artist: Danielle Nyoka and Loyale

Red with Love

  • Artist: MUSE
MTV EXIT and alternative rock band Muse have released a music video that dramatically highlights the danger and impact of human trafficking. Song is called MK Ultra and it’s from the album The Resistance.

MK Ultra

  • Artist: The Killers
In 2009, The Killers did a music video with a video by David Slade (Twilight: Eclipse) for the song Goodnight, Travel Well from the album Day & Age. It was an exclusive collaboration between UNICEF, MTV EXIT (End Exploitation and Trafficking) and the US Agency for International Development. The video provides insight into the realities of trafficking, with a particular focus on the trafficking of children and adolescents into forced prostitution.

Good Night, Travel Well

  • Artist: Stellar Ego
Guy Prandstratter of the indie band Stellar Ego wrote a song inspired by the life of Humanitarian Somaly Mam and the Somaly Mam Foundation. There’s something so honest and personal about writing a song for something or someone you believe in.


  • My Dangerous Loverboy Project

The Official Music Video created to raise awareness of internal sex trafficking of young girls around UK cities.


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