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No Words…Pictures are Enough…

Here’s a video that doesn’t need words to explain the horrors of what young girls go through in the sex trafficking industry. In some countries, girls as young as 6 – 8 years old are forced to service up to 40 men a day and threatened on a daily basis that not only will they be beaten if they don’t comply, but that their own families will be killed even though there are in a country far far away. Scars heal, but it’s the psychological control, fear and torture that really suck the life out of these young girls.

They need our help. What will YOU do? Send us an email if you’d like to start volunteering with us or the organization highlighted in the video. Thank you.

In Her Shoes


A21 Campaign

Check out a great informative video made by A21 Campaign highlighting some keys facts and a personal true story about one of millions of victims of the sex trafficking business.

You can visit them at http://www.thea21campaign.org/ for more details on how to help in their fight. They seem to focus more on rescuing victims in Europe.