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Mother’s Selling Their Daughters to the Sex Trade

Interesting and yet sad article below from CNN. Svay Pak village is known around the world as a place where pedophiles come to prey on little children as young as 4 years old. Extreme poverty causing parents to be in desperate situations is causing the SUPPLY. Mainly Europeans and North American cowardly men who have completely lost the sense of righteousness and succumbed to their internal demons are the DEMAND.

CNN Highlighting Cambodia’s Sex Trade of Children

Raising awareness and moving people to action is the only way we have a shot at eliminating sex trafficking. CNN is doing their part. How about you?


Sad But True

A few facts on sex trafficking:

1- Human Trafficking is the 3rd largest and fastest growing global criminal activity

2- In Kenya, it is believed that having sex with a virgin will cure HIV/AIDS. This myth and practice has favoured the trafficking of young girls to major child sex tourist destinations.

3- Among the total victims of the global trafficking of human beings (which is believed to generate BILLIONS of US dollars annually), children count for over 20%.