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A True Hero

Anuradha Koirala won CNN’s “Hero of the Year” award in 2010. A real modern day hero fighting for the victims of the forced sex trade in Nepal.

The video below is her acceptance speech, but to learn more about her and the situation in Nepal, please visit here.

It must take tremendous courage and compassion towards the human spirit to do something like this. She really is putting her life on the line and sacrificing her own lifestyle for the betterment of others. She must not be a very liked person amongst the local brothel/ slave owners normally run by organized or small time criminals that probably wouldn’t hesitate one minute to do her harm yet she still persevere’s in her mission. Not everyone has this in them. For those who do, what would it take for them to risk a lot to fight for what they believe in? What would it take you? Would you do it if pushed to your limit?